The QR code won’t scan

We noticed that when the QR codes get rolled up they don’t scan as well, and putting them in film cannisters hasn’t helped the situation.

Flatten them out and they should scan just fine.

We can’t find the cache!

Oh dear.

Maybe it blew away, got stolen, was accidentally put in a bin, or abducted by aliens.

Let me know @nathankitchen on Twitter and I’ll see about replacing it.

In the mean time, to save disappointment, please feel free to cheat.

How do we use the AR?

First, you must be using an Apple device and (I think) viewing with Safari.

When you’ve found a donut by following the link to the site, click the button with the picture of a 3D donut.

If your device supports AR Quick Look then your camera should open with a transparent donut. Follow the on-scren prompts, turning the device from side to side so that your device can map out the landscape.

You can then either tap the screen to deploy the donut, or you might find it’s just dropped into your environment and you’ll have to look around for it! It’s about the size of a very large donut.

Once you’ve found it, you can reposition it by touching and dragging with your finger. Use two fingers to touch and drag it up and down, or the scissor gesture to make it larger or smaller. If you keep one finger still and scroll the other, you’ll rotate the model.

Depending on your device you may have mixed results with how well you’re able to position people in front, behind, or in the donut.

To take a picture, tap the screen and you should see the usual “take photo” button appear. If you hold the button down, you will take a video.

AR view on an iPhone 11 Pro Max

There are two tabs in the model view, one is called AR, and the other one is called Object. The Object view just lets you admire the model, the AR view lets you put the model into your environment.

If you lose the donut or want to reset it, toggle between the AR and Object tabs.