Welcome to the Cheswick Green Donut Trail!

This page gives instructions for geocaching/treasure hunt where you will find four augmented reality donuts around Cheswick Green in the Midlands, England.

To take part, you will need to find small geocaches (old film cannisters) hidden around the village. These contain a QR code that your phone should be able to scan (just start the camera), which in turn will take you to a webpage containing an Augmented Reality Donut!

WARNING: Donuts only work on Apple AR-enabled devices: iOS 11+ with an A9 or later processor (iPhone 6S onward, or any iPad Pro).

The location of mystery donut number 1
Mystery Donut #1

what3words: tops.good.honest

Apple Maps: 52.380702, -1.808621

By the start of Cheswick Green as you enter the village, have a look in the planter.

The location of mystery donut number 2
Mystery Donut #2

what3words: taken.smashes.lines

Apple Maps: 52.378430, -1.814440

In the old tree stump on the green in front of the shops.

The location of mystery donut number 3
Mystery Donut #3

what3words: angel.shape.tables

Apple Maps: 52.378563, -1.816722

In the tree, between the branches in the far corner of the park.

The location of mystery donut number 4
Mystery Donut #4

what3words: wallet.arrive.bravo

Apple Maps: 52.379516, -1.816943

On the mound near the new-builds, overlooking the monument.

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